Promotional illustration for inclusive society promotion campaign - Their Point of View
《他視點》共融推廣計劃 宣傳插圖

2019 | Hong Kong 香港

Cover illustration for the special edition of My Quest for A and C
《動漫摘星錄》特別版 封面插圖

2019 | Editor Neco Che-ying LO  編者 盧子英| Fei Fan Book 非凡出版 | Hong Kong 香港 | 296 Pages 頁 | ISBN 9789888573738

Five Senses Card Set @Alice Theatre Lab, Cross-Senses Creative Project
五感主題卡牌 @愛麗絲劇場實驗室 越界感官合創計劃

2019 | Hong Kong 香港


Book cover and illustration for novel Yin Liu Bie Fu
《吟留別賦》小說 封面及內頁插畫

2019 | Text by Simon SHIA 作者佘宗明 | Ming Chuang Chu Ban She 明窗出版社 | Hong Kong 香港 | 680 Pages 頁 | ISBN 9789888525270

Book cover illustration for prose collection Written
《寫了》文集 封面插圖

2019 | Text by Fatmoonba 作者 月巴氏 | Today Publications 今日出版 | Hong Kong 香港 |  336 Pages 頁 | ISBN 9789887845485 

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